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Windotek has a range of double and triple glazed UPVC German windows and doors systems. Our windows comes with a minimum of 10 years warranty with quality hardware and glazing system. We are a professional  double glazing company based in Canberra with a professional team. Our main motto is to improve home energy efficiency and maximize living comfort.


Our Products

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Tilt and Turn windows

Tilt and Turn is one of the most preferred window styles. It uses the same casement series profiles but it had 2 modes of operations, one it tilts inwards to let in more air plus maintaining security. Two it opens like a hinge door towards inside of the house especially when you need to leave it totally opened on hot summer days.
Tilt and turn series uses EPDM rubber gaskets on the sash and also on the frame of the window with multi lock point features. This helps enhance air tightness , noise barring and energy efficiency capabilities of the window. Fixed fly screen mounted from outside of the window comes with the supplied windows.

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Casement Awnings

The Awning series are simple wind out operation windows with fixed fly screens . These window styles also comes with EPDM rubber seal on both the sash and the frame for better energy efficiency and noise barring capabilities. The winder system are from North America with scissor winders and imbedded scissor hinges for better function and ease of operation. The window system has multi locking points too.

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Casement open out with winder

The Casement open out is a horizontal opening outward style with a winder and an additional locking point on the side. These windows also have EPDM rubber on the sash and the frame for better sealing and efficiency. The window comes with fixed fly screens.

Casement push out with handle_edited_edited.jpg

Casement push out with handle

The Casement push out with handles have two types as shown in the photos. One is awning style opening and the other is the horizontal push out opening. Both have handles on them instead of winders. Both the system uses scissor type hinges. These windows comes with a modern retractable fly screens on the inside.

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Sliding windows and doors

Sliding windows and doors are in the sliding category. Unlike the casement series, these windows and doors uses a pulley wheel system on a track to open and close. However EPDM rubber is not being used here, instead, good quality brush seals are being used. There is also options to have double panel sliders with two tracks and center open with dual sliders. For the windows there will be fixed screens and for doors there is option of having security sliding screens or the mesh retractable screens.

Casement door_edited.jpg

Casement hinged and French doors

The Casement hinged and French door systems are best of its kind in terms of preventing draft and improving energy efficiency. Typical front door tends to let in a lot of draft, BUT our doors have better sealing properties with multi lock system for better performance and added security. The doors have options of getting security screens or the retractable mesh screens.

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Lift and slide doors

The Lift and slide are the best sliding door option when it comes to wide openings with minimal view obstruction. Wide openings can be transformed in just two panel sliding design with two massive glass and frame on each side. Lift and slide doors have also better sealing properties since it uses the lift and slide pulley wheels mechanism. When the door is closed the tilt mechanism initiated by rotating the handle drops the door completely and seals perfectly. When opening, the handle is again tilted to activate the slide mechanism. These doors slides like a dream. Retractable fiber mesh screens are also an option with the door.

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Bifold windows and doors

Bifold doors are also commonly used to cover wider openings. The advantage with this door is that it can be folded into sections to have bogger opening and access to create bigger entertaining areas in your home. These doors and windows uses the hook and glide mechanism. Retractable mesh fly screens are also an option to have with these type of doors and windows.

Proven Benefits of UPVC Double glazed windows

Low Maintainence


When it comes to maintenance, UPVC windows are generally very easy to maintain and often proven to give you longer durability and stability. This means your property will also maintain its value over the years to come. To clean the windows, simply wipe the frames with soapy water and your windows will be sparkling clean within minutes. With low maintenance you will also be experiencing longer durability from UPVC windows.

Increased property value

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Adding double glazed windows to your home also directly relates to the increase in the value of your property. Double glazing makes your home more comfortable with added living conduciveness and improved home environment and look.

Versatile and appealing

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UPVC windows can blend into any style and design of existing homes. It is truly versatile when it comes to matching the existing style and fascia of all homes. In many cases UPVC double glazed windows uplift the existing look of the house through its flexible modern profile settings and design with bigger glass panels and less bits and pieces in between the whole window frame,thereby not obstructing flow of light and view from the windows.

Added Security


When it comes to security, UPVC double glazed windows and frames have higher security than other traditional windows. Meaning the UPVC frames are generally Un-plasticized, lead free material which promises better strength and durability. The frames are also reinforced with  galvanized steel inserts for extra security. The glass on our windows are all heat treated and toughened safety glass which do not easily succumb to breaking or shattering. The double layers of toughened safety glass adds extra security to your home.


Zero Condensation


Condensation is caused due to high levels of humidity trapped in the air inside your home which causes water droplets and moisture on the panels and frames to condense. UPVC double glazed windows does not let this phenomena occur because it maintains the  temperature of the internal window pane closer to the air temperature in the house and as a result condensation is automatically avoided. UPVC frames also act as a bad conductor of heat and cold temperatures thereby maintaining your house temperature effectively by barring out external weather elements.

Energy Saving

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During cold winters UPVC double glazed windows has greater tendency to retain solar heat inside your home for longer period of time thereby reducing heating costs. In summers the UPVC frames and the double glazed panels which have argon has in between the two panel of glass, blocks out external heat and keeps your home cool and pleasing to live in. All in all it helps you save a lot in energy consumption over the period of time.

Better Home Insulation

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One of the most known facts about UPVC windows is Insulation. First the frames are technically designed with multi chamber design for greater thermal efficiency and barrier to weather conditions. This is further reinforced structurally with the galvanized steel inserts inside the frames for better strength and performance. Second, the minimum glazing specs offered by us is 26mm total glass thickness i.e. 5mm clear toughened glass on the inside + 16mm of warm edge aluminum spacer strip with moisture desiccants and Argon gas + outer layer of 5mm clear toughened glass. The Insulated Glass Unit is sealed professionally with polyurethane seal for better insulation on the unit. There are range of other choices of glass as per preference in order to achieve higher results.

Reduced Noise

Noise reduction.jpg

Our UPVC windows and doors bar out about 70% of the noise. UPVC double glazed windows and frames have better noise insulation. Meaning the frames and the sash on the the windows comes with added layer  strips of EPDM rubber together with multi locking point systems. The EPDM rubber offers tight seal reinforced by the multi locking point systems. The double/triple glazing glass units also acts as a barrier to external noise and disturbances.

Fire Retardant

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Other added security value of UPVC windows is that fire tests have shown UPVC materials being naturally flame retardant through their product life. UPVC frames will not cause, support or enhance the development of fire. Unlike timber windows,UPVC window frames do not support combustion and are in fact self extinguishing. Our Veka German profiles offer BAL rating of 40.


5 months ago

The quality of the windows is outstanding. However, the amazing service right from order to the delivery and install is what surprised me the most. Everything was cleaned and no damage to the house sustained. All of the waste was taken away at the end. The product is amazing for the price. It doesn’t happen often in Australia to get that level of service and the quality for a reasonable price. Will recommend it to everyone that I can as am wishing to have more companies like that in Canberra.


Danny C

Yutee was a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. Working with the same person who measures, quotes, designs, installs was a real positive and meant the finished service and product was on time and of top quality. Would recommend anyone shopping for double glazing to obtain a quote from Yutee, you will be pleasantly surprised at his service, attention to detail and quality of product.

- Danny C

Hanh D

Windotek did a fantastic job to replace all our 60s windows and sliding doors . Highly recommended for their workmanship and product quality . We are very happy with the outcome .They make our house look so much better and more comfortable

- Hanh D


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